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Kikusui TOS9200 Hipot Tester with Insulation Resistance Test (AC- 5.0 kV)

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The TOS9200 Series consists of four products, the testers TOS9200 and TOS9201, and the high-voltage scanners TOS9221 and TOS9220. The TOS9200 is equipped with AC withstanding voltage and insulation resistance testing functions, while the TOS9201 has a DC hipot testing function in addition to these two functions. The power block, a core component, employs a high-efficiency switching power supply and a switching amplifier based on PWM systems. These features realize high power and enhanced stability, as well as reducing the size and weight of the unit. When combined with the earth continuity tester TOS6200, the TOS9200 Series integrates three or four types of tests in a single process. Furthermore, when used together with the high-voltage scanner TOS9220/9221 (equipped with a contact check function), the tester is capable of automatically checking test points for up to 16 channels, thereby facilitating a safe, reliable automatic testing system.

  • Two functions-AC hipot testing and insulation resistance testing. The TOS9200 can perform AC hipot tests and insulation resistance tests.
  • AC hipot testing at 5 kV and 100 mA.
    Equipped with a high-efficiency switching power supply in its highvoltage power block, a PWM-based switching amplifier and a 500 VA high-voltage transformer, the TOS9200/TOS9201 realizes a maximum output of 5 kV/100 mA (continuous output for 30 minutes), or 2.5 times the output of Kikusui’s former models. At a test voltage of 500 V or more and an upper current of 100 mA, or greater the tester instantaneously satisfies the requirements of a short-circuit current of 200 mA or more which is required by the IEC standard *. In addition, the tester ensures a load effects of 30% or less and the generation of a consistent 50 Hz/60 Hz test voltage free from the affect of the supply voltage. These features eliminate the need to readjust the output voltage once the test voltage is preset.
    *Continuous outputs are impossible because the output is cut off if an overcurrent is detected.
  • Rise-time control function
  • Fall-time control function
  • Offset cancel function
  • Measured-value hold function
  • Output voltage monitoring function
  • Memory function
  • Program function
  • Interlock Function
  • Includes: AC Power cable, High-voltage test lead wire TL01-TOS (1.5m), Interlock jumper, High-Voltage Danger seal, Fuse, Operation Manual (Operation Manual for Tester, Operation for GPIB/RS-232C Interface)
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Name: Kikusui TOS9200 Hipot Tester with Insulation Resistance Test (AC- 5.0 kV)
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Name: Kikusui TOS9200 Hipot Tester with Insulation Resistance Test (AC- 5.0 kV)
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