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Category: Vibration Meters

Extech 407860 Heavy Duty Vibration Meter

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The Extech 407860 Heavy Duty Vibration Meter measures Acceleration, Velocity, and Displacement. The built-in PC interface allows transfer of readings to a PC for data management. Applications for the Extech 407860 include the checking of rotating machinery and motor bearings, as well as plant maintenance of fans, pumps, and compressors.

  • Selectable units of in/s or mm/s for velocity, ft/s² or m/s² for Acceleration, and in. or mm for displacement
  • Ranges — Acceleration: 656 ft/s² or 200m/s²; Velocity: 7.87 in/s. or 200mm/s; Displacement: 0.078in or 1.999mm
  • Remote vibration sensor with magnetic adapter on 3.9 ft.(1.2m) cable
  • Record mode stores the maximum and minimum values for later recall
  • Wide frequency range of 10Hz to 1kHz
  • Resolution to 0.5m/s2, 0.5mm/s, and 0.005mm
  • Basic accuracy of ±(5% + 2 digits)
  • RMS or Peak Value measurement modes
  • Data Hold freezes the reading in the display
  • Auto shut-off saves battery life
  • 9V battery power or optional AC adaptor
  • Built-in RS-232 PC serial interface
  • Optional 407001 Windows® compatible Data Logging Software. Allows captured readings to be downloaded to your PC for further analysis
  • Complete with remote sensor with 3.9 ft (1.2m) cable, magnetic mount, 9V battery, protective rubber holster with stand, and hard carrying case
  • Motors, bearings
  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Rotating machinery
  • Plant maintenance
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Name: Extech 407860 Heavy Duty Vibration Meter
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Name: Extech 407860 Heavy Duty Vibration Meter
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