Thermal Imager Applications

Production & Manufacturing

In manufacturing, improperly functioning equipment, if not detected soon enough, can lead to loss of money or potential injury. Thermal cameras and test equipment are widely used by manufacturers for monitoring, inspection, diagnostics and repair. FLIR cameras as well as Extech testers and meters help maintenance professionals and process and quality assurance engineers solve tough problems as well as day-to-day maintenance challenges. Technicians can successfully inspect motors, pumps, conveyors, and electrical connections and components, new equipment installations and repairs by contractors, and even the plant itself including roofing, heating and cooling systems, and building structures.

Predictive Maintenance

Thermal imaging is a valuable tool in preventive maintenance of electrical, mechanical and structural systems, able to help detect problems, prevent unscheduled downtime, guide needed corrective action and increase plant safety. FLIR infrared cameras have been proven for more than 30 years in industrial thermal imaging. They can save time and money in a wide range of commercial and industrial maintenance applications. Extech testers and meters can alert you to problems and validate successful corrective actions. Technicians rely on Extech multimeters, clamp meters and thermometers for monitoring electrical and temperature factors and tachometers for rotating and linear conveyance equipment.

Pulp & Paper

Pulp and paper makers are under severe market pressures to deliver higher quality, faster deliveries and lower prices. Yet manufacturing maintenance costs and product inspections can be slow and expensive. The answer? FLIR infrared cameras and Extech test tools. Thermal imaging is uniquely effective for predictive maintenance and process monitoring in paper mills. In fact, infrared cameras have become a key factor in ensuring uptime, maximizing productivity, maintaining product quality – and preserving profits. Technicians also rely on Extech multimeters, clamp meters and thermometers for monitoring electrical and temperature factors and tachometers for rotating and linear conveyance equipment.


Water leakage is the leading cause of roof damage. It ruins insulation, causes corrosion, weakens metal decks and other structures, encourages mold, and can lead to structural collapse. Thanks to FLIR infrared cameras, there’s a fast, effective way to spot water accumulation and damage on any roof–even when that damage is out of sight. FLIR infrared cameras instantly show you what’s wet and what’s dry. Immediately locate the source without dissembling the premises or disrupting the inhabitants. Extech moisture meters detect water intrusion into a roofing membrane. Extech clamp and multimeters also serve as essential tools for maintaining rooftop HVAC and electrical systems.

Steel Industry

Steel quality is essential in today’s competitive markets. And downtime in the steel industry is expensive, costing thousands for every minute equipment is under repair. FLIR infrared cameras and Extech test equipment help steel manufacturers address both issues. Infrared cameras can monitor steel quality during production, and they can improve maintenance programs by enabling routine thermal surveys of ladles, torpedo cars, and other refractory equipment and/or components, as well as the large, high horsepower motors running the finishing mill stands. Extech thermometers and infrared thermometry-equipped clamp meters and multimeters play a key role in maintaining maximum uptime for motors throughout facilities.

Home Inspection

Home inspectors rely on the trained eye to detect problems typically found in buildings. Even the best inspector can benefit from a thermal imaging camera and accurate test equipment. Infrared cameras detect what no eye can see–minor variations in temperature that can signal electrical or moisture problems. Infrared cameras detect moisture accumulating out of sight in a roofing system, overheating electrical components, and other problems. Extech’s testers ensure home safety and conserve energy. Check for faults in electrical systems with multimeters, clamp meters and various electrical testers; inspect heating and cooling loss with Extech infrared thermometers; and evaluate moisture intrusion issues with moisture meters and humidity dataloggers.

Building Diagnostics

Moisture can be a serious problem in building materials, damaging structural integrity and nurturing mold. FLIR infrared cameras and Extech testers and meters are widely used in the building industry for moisture remediation. With a FLIR infrared camera, instantly locate moisture anywhere and take action to eliminate it. See moisture without disassembling structures or disturbing residents. FLIR cameras are preferred by building experts for fast, accurate building diagnosis for fire and flood investigations to chronic leaks and moisture issues. Extech moisture and humidity meters are indispensable in the building industry for moisture remediation. Detect, monitor, and control moisture to prevent water intrusion and damage. IR thermometers, clamp meters and multimeters offer must-have capabilities when diagnosing and repairing key building equipment.

Energy Audits

Missing or poor insulation, inadequate HVAC systems, poor air flow are typical problems that cause energy loss. Homeowners look to contractors to trace energy loss and make improvements to achieve maximum savings. Thermal imaging has quickly become a valued tool in identifying problems related to energy loss, HVAC systems, radiant heating, water damage to roofs, missing insulation and much more. Plus, Extech has the instruments to help you find and eliminate the sources of costly energy loss. With clamp meters designed specifically for HVAC, as well as thermometers and moisture meters, Extech offers valuable tools for diagnosing energy loss and validating corrections.

Food Processing

In the food industry, it’s essential to carefully control the temperature of perishable goods throughout production, transportation, storage and sales. FLIR infrared cameras are used to detect problems in electrical and mechanical systems in the factory, warehouse, retail stores, and refrigerator trailers. Diagnose excessive or uneven heating or cooling in devices such as cooking vessels, ovens, compressors, freezers, motors, breaker panels, disconnect switches, transformers and circuit breakers. Extech‘s temperature and humidity dataloggers, thermometers, water quality, and moisture testing equipment also monitor every step of food processing. Extech’s clamp meters can also be used to detect problems in electrical and mechanical systems all along the cold chain.

Utility Market

In the utilities industry, infrared thermal imaging has become a key tool for predictive maintenance programs for utility firms everywhere. And the leading choice in infrared cameras is FLIR. For more than thirty years, utilities worldwide have used FLIR infrared cameras to identify problems before they turn into costly failures, downed equipment, or dangerous electrical fires. Additionally, technicians use Extech’s top multimeters and clamp meters to diagnose problems near Category IV settings, voltage distribution lines and outdoor locations. FLIR provides utilities with the most advanced thermal imaging and testing solutions to support the monitoring programs that keep the vital electrical power grid up and running.

Veterinarian Services

Over the millenia, horses have developed a natural tendency to mask any pain or lameness in order to provide protection for themselves in the wild. Unfortunately, for the veterinarian, this makes it difficult to detect, diagnose, and treat problems in horses. One tool that has emerged to help veterinarians is thermal imaging via infrared cameras. FLIR infrared cameras can detect heat variations with a high degree of accuracy, so they can be used to analyze and understand problems in a horse’s joints, tendons and hoofs.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has been using FLIR infrared for predictive maintenance, facility inspection, quality control and online process improvement. In the automotive testing world the infrared (IR) or thermal imager is an extremely useful tool. The applications range from thermal design verification and passenger comfort to parts quality control, motor and HVAC system performance. Plus, Extech’s tachometers, clamp meters and multimeters ensure all electrical and mechanical systems are optimized for maximum uptime. Extech thermometers, sound level and light level meters complement IR cameras validating key test metrics.

Asphalt & Pavement

Thermal cameras helped solve a decades-old mystery in asphalt paving by identifying excessive temperature variations in the hot mix asphalt (HMA) pavement surface, or mat, of a road during laydown. This discovery was made using a FLIR ThermaCAM® infrared camera. Asphalt paving companies rely on FLIR cameras to ensure and report on quality jobs. Extech infrared thermometers are a useful complement to infrared cameras on asphalt paving jobs, enabling more technicians to have the tools needed for constant temperature checks.

Source: Flir

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