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Temperature and Humidity Changes in Chemical Storage

Temperature and Humidity Changes in Chemical Storage

Ensure that your precious chemicals are stored at an appropriate temperature and humidity, as well as standardize chemical management and work procedures.


  • Place the LR5001 Temperature and Humidity Logger in the chemical storage.
  • The LR5001 measures temperature and humidity and acquires the data at constant intervals.
  • The measured data can be transferred to a PC and displayed in graph format. (To display the data in graph format, the LR5091 Communication Adapter or the LR5092 Data Collector is required.)
  • Acquisition and recording of temperature data at constant intervals allows monitoring to ensure the temperature in the chemical storage is kept at a constant level.
  • The screen of the logger allows you to view the maximum and minimum temperatures from the start of recording.
  • The logger can be used in space such as a book or musical instrument storage room whose temperature you want to keep at a constant level.


Source: Hioki

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