Making the Invisible Visible

Making the Invisible Visible

Virtually everything in our world emits infrared radiation. While neither the naked eye nor a digital camera can see the infrared spectrum, you feel its effects all around all the time in the form of heat – from sunlight, electrical equipment, and industrial processes to cold air drafts, ice cubes, and even the nose of a dog. Fortunately, FLIR Infrared Cameras can detect and capture thousands of non-contact temperature measurements in real time, transforming them into vivid thermal images that instantly show you where hot spots are.

The Advantage of a FLIR Camera Over an IR Thermometer: One Sees and One is Blind

IR Thermometers, a.k.a. temperature guns may be able to give you one average temperature reading at a time but they can’t produce a single image. So imagine how long would it take to scan a room full of electrical panels. Accuracy is another concern. The farther away, the more general the measurement and more likely you’ll miss a critical anomaly. Standing closer might yield better results but it’s also more dangerous. With a FLIR thermal camera, each snapshot provides a picture worth thousands of calibrated, radiometric temperature measurements whether taken up close or farther away. To actually be able to see heat signatures arms you with the power to locate and solve hidden problems much more quickly.

Thermal Imaging for Predictive Maintenance

The most effective tools for predictive maintenance applications, FLIR Infrared Cameras give you the amazing ability to see what other diagnostic instruments miss. Keep your facility operating at peak performance, avoid expensive equipment failures, and prevent loss of production capacity. Use FLIR thermal imaging to find hidden problems before they turn into serious trouble.


Find hidden problems quickly, make timely repairs, prevent unscheduled shutdowns, and improve plant safety.


Discover overheated bearings, linkages, and other components before they can interrupt your operations or create safety hazards.


Scan large areas and hundreds of connections quickly and efficiently to prevent unexpected service outages and lost revenues.


Find compromised roofing areas at your facility, and repair it before problems quickly become a safety hazard or require replacing the entire structure.

Building Diagnostics

Even small areas of moisture intrusion can be easy to spot with an infrared camera. Locate and repair hidden water damage before a trickle turns into a flood.

Energy Loss

Discover missing insulation, faulty HVAC systems, and other issues that waste energy and lots of money.

Thermal Imaging for Building Diagnostics

FLIR Infrared Cameras give you the power to make the invisible visible. With thermal imaging, you can see, detect, and document telltale temperature differences that show moisture damage, missing insulation, air drafts, nests in walls, anFlir T620.jpgd more. Thermal imagers from FLIR can help you find hidden building problems faster than any other technology, and produce customized reports to justify and validate the quality of repair work.

Missing Insulation

Locate poor insulation quickly by detecting and comparing differences with surrounding areas.

Water Damage

Find and fix hidden water damage quickly before small problems become big, expensive ones, and document proof of your repairs.

Air Infiltration

Detect air leaks around windows, doors, and other structures. Repairing them saves energy and money.

Electrical Problems

Finding hidden electrical problems is easy with FLIR, allowing you to take quick action to solve them.

HVAC Problems

Discover leaking ductwork and troubleshoot heating, AC, and radiant flooring problems to maximize energy efficiency

Mold and Rot

See temperature differences to expose hidden leaks that can lead to expensive and extensive health issues and structural damage.

Destructive Pests

Hunt down burrowing and nesting insects and rodents before they eat customers out of house and home. Infrared Cameras

Source by: FLIR

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