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Heavy Duty DO, pH and Conductivity Meters

Heavy Duty DO, pH and Conductivity Meters

What is a Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Meter?

A Dissolved Oxygen (DO) meter monitors and displays the oxygen concentration of liquids in mg/L and PPM. The Extech Heavy Duty DO Meter (407510) includes a user-calibration function, temperature display (0 to 60°C), membrane electrode (with 5 spares), and KCL reference solution. In addition, a Salt Water and an altitude compensation adjustment is provided.

Dissolved Oxygen Applications

DO measurements are used in applications where the amount of oxygen in a liquid has a critical effect on a manufacturing process or other environment. Waste water treatment, fisheries, wine production, and environmental water quality are a few of the relevant areas.

What is a Conductivity Meter?

A conductivity meter measures the ability of a solution to conduct electricity in units of Siemen/cm. The more conductive materials (such as metals, salts, etc.) in a solution, the higher its conductivity.

Conductivity Measurement Applications

Conductivity measurements are used for pure water analysis, environmental tests to determine the health of ponds, streams, wells, and other bodies of water. Also, many manufacturing processes such as component or PCB rinsing are sensitive to the conductivity of solutions.

What is pH?

pH is a term used to define the hydrogen-ion activity of a system. This chemical activity allows us to determine, for example, the acidity (0-6 pH) or alkalinity (8-14 pH) of a solution (A pH of 7 is neutral). The Heavy Duty Model 407227 measures pH, mV, and temperature. pH and temperature probes are included in kit version 407228. Dual display provides pH or mV and temperature indication. Slope/calibration adjustments and automatic temperature compensation are standard.

Applications for pH Measurements

For chemical processes, pH is the most common measurement. Applications include electro-plating, waste water treatment, pharmaceutical testing, paper mills, food & beverage production, and environmental analysis. Anything consumed by animals and people, at some point, is tested for pH.

Source: Extech Instruments

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