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GFCIs During Dielectric Testing

GFCIs During Dielectric Testing

We have done some Hipot Testing research regarding GFCIs. GFCIs are constructed with delicate circuit components between line and neutral. The ground lead (green lead) does not have any circuit components, and does not have any bearing on the operation of the GFCI.

Consequently, a manufactured home can be safely dielectric withstand tested with a GFCI in place if Compliance West USA’s method of testing is followed. This method is outlined in the white paper we sent you called “Use of the Motor Home Cableset for Hipot Testing“. Any other test method will damage the GFCI.

Light bulbs, smoke detectors, direct wired appliances, cord connected appliances, and fluorescent light fixtures can also be left in place during the hipot test if the Compliance West USA method is followed.

However, it is imperative that our method be followed exactly. Any other method will result in a test failure and/or damage.

Another advantage of the Compliance West USA method is that only one Hipot Test, instead of three, need to be conducted.

If there is dielectrics withstand test failure, the defect can be found by isolating the problem using circuit breakers or by other means. The defect should be repaired and the home retested. Repeat the test if necessary until a passing result is obtained.

During the testing and troubleshooting process, all three leads of the Compliance West USA motor home cable set must remain connected to the panel board at all times. If troubleshooting requires removing any leads of the Compliance West USA motor home cable set, then the appliances, GFCIs, smoke detectors and Fluorescent fixtures must be removed before testing can commence.

Another advantage of the Compliance West USA method is that the manufactured home is tested in a complete form, so all connections and appliances, GFCIs and smoke detectors are evaluated by the test, which more completely tests the home.

Finally, we have heard that some manufacturers may conduct a Hipot Test from neutral to hot, or from phase to phase. These tests are not required by CFR. In our experience, we have not heard of these tests being conducted in other types of equipment. However, if the hipot test from neutral to hot or from phase to phase is conducted, then all light bulbs, GFCIs, appliances, fluorescent fixtures, and smoke detectors must be removed. We recommend that a Hipot Test using the Compliance West USA test method be conducted after everything is replaced to make sure a problem was not introduced during the reinstallation.

Source: Compliance West USA

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